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About Us

Founded by an EB-5 immigrant, EB-5 Dreams is rooted in the belief that every aspiring individual deserves a chance to prosper in the United States. With a proven track record of successful projects, we have proudly assisted numerous clients in navigating the complexities of the EB-5 process, securing investments, and realizing their dreams of U.S. residency. Our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and in-depth industry knowledge sets us apart as a premier consulting firm, dedicated to turning aspirations into success stories.

Why Us

  • Expertise: With over 6 years of experience in EB-5 immigration consulting, we bring unparalleled expertise to guide you through the immigration investment process.
  • Transparent Communication: We prioritize transparency by providing direct contact with developers and business owners, ensuring clear communication at every step.
  • Proven Track Record: Our success is evidenced by a portfolio of previous EB-5 projects, showcasing a track record of successful immigration investment ventures. Moreover, all our projects are I-956F and I-956H compliant.
  • Securing Your Investment:
    • I-526 Guarantee: In the rare event of an I-526 petition rejection due to business compliance, we offer a full principal refund, demonstrating our confidence in our projects.
    • Asset Protections: All EB-5 investments via our projects come with additional security through secondary lien and asset-based protections.
    • Timely Principal Return: Your principal is typically returned within 12 months of the I-829 application. In cases of delayed returns, we employ a strategic approach with enhanced interest rates to maximize your investment returns.
    • Project Completion Assurance: We ensure the successful and timely completion of EB-5 projects, effectively managing risks for a secure investment journey within the EB-5 program.
    • Job Creation Assurance: We consistently surpass USCIS mandated job creation requirements, emphasizing our commitment to exceed benchmarks.

Our Services

Holistic EB-5 Support
EB-5 Dreams provides comprehensive guidance throughout the entire immigration process, including relocation consulting.
Educational Counsel
Receive personalized advice on university options for your children, tailored to their academic goals and career aspirations.
Diverse Investment Insights
Beyond EB-5 investments, EB-5 Dreams assists in identifying alternative investment opportunities including real estate, hospitality, and infrastructure.
Immigration Guidance
Expert guidance on navigating the complexities of immigration laws about remaining in the US or upholding legal status even when residing abroad.
Smooth Relocation
EB-5 Dreams streamlines the EB-5 process with support in tasks such as opening a bank account and navigating the US during EB-5 tours.
Exclusive Project Tours
EB-5 Dreams offers exclusive project tours to provide a first-hand experience of the project and surrounding area in Texas.

What is EB-5?

The EB-5 Program stands as a cornerstone in the U.S. government's drive to foster investment in ventures that generate employment opportunities. By participating in an EB-5 project, foreign investors and their accompanying family members gain the opportunity to secure green cards and make the United States their new home. While the standard investment threshold is set at $1,050,000, regions classified as rural or designated as Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) qualify for a reduced investment amount of $800,000.
Flexible Employment
Work or initiate a business anywhere in the U.S., allowing you the freedom to change locations as desired.
Flexible Residence and Travel
Live anywhere in the U.S. Leave and enter the U.S. anytime. No visa required.
Better Education
Increase the odds of children’s admission to top colleges.
Lower Tuition Costs
Pay significantly less for your children’s education.
Become a US Citizen
Optional path to become a US citizen after 5 years.
Social Security Benefits
Receive retirement benefits in the form of supplemental income.
Stable Lifestyle
Secure a backup plan in political instability or economic volatility.
Economic Stability
Protect funds with a passive investment and a successful immigration.
Healthcare Benefits
Access to technologically advanced healthcare services.

EB-5 Process and Timeline

Embarking on the EB-5 visa journey involves navigating a series of crucial steps for a successful approval. Familiarizing yourself with this intricate process enhances your chances of a favorable outcome. To further ensure clarity and precision, seeking guidance from an experienced immigration attorney is strongly advised. For in-depth insights and comprehensive details, don't hesitate to explore the resources available on the official USCIS website. Your informed approach sets the foundation for a smoother and more successful EB-5 visa application experience.
Determine eligibility, project and source of funds (30-60 days)
File I-526 Petition and Apply for EAD/Travel Documents (3 - 24 months)
Welcome to the USA on Conditional Green Card
File I-829 Petition and return of principal investment (24 - 30 months)
Apply for US Citizenship (3 years)

Compare EB-5 with other visas

Explore the distinctive characteristics of H1B, EB-5, and E2 visa options with our comprehensive comparison. From the duration and investment amounts to levels of involvement and family benefits, this table provides a concise overview of each visa type. Whether you're considering employment sponsorship, seeking investment opportunities, or pursuing an active business venture, this comparison guide aims to assist you in making informed decisions about your journey to the United States.
H1B EB-5 E2
Length 3 yrs (can be extended) Conditional Green Card 5 yrs (can be renewed)
Investment Amount - $800,000 or $1,050,000 $100,000+
Level of Involvement Employment with a sponsoring company required Passive investment Active investment
Job/Business Flexibility Can only work for the sponsoring company Can work anywhere Can only work for the created or purchased company
Family Spouse and children (under 21) may reside and study in the US but not work. Spouse and children (under 21) may reside, study, and work inthe US and will also receive conditional green cards. Spouse and children (under 21) may reside and study in the US. Only the spouse can apply for work authorization.
Sponsorships Required - -
Citizenship - Yes -
Education International or Out-of-State Tuition In-State Tuition (Eligible for scholarships and grants) Out-of-State Tuition (Can be converted into In-State)

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